About Us

About Us

Since its founding in 1995, USI Group has expanded across China, Hong Kong and beyond. The Group’s activities cover a wide range of fields including, Real Estate Development, Property Investment, Infrastructure, Logistics, Food and Beverage, Finance and Memorial Parks.

USI Group’s first investment in Southwest China was made in 2004, in an impressive 420,000 kW hydroelectric power plant. Since then the group has gone on to participate in investments in a number of premium development schemes, including the 2005 Union Sun Yangkuo Plaza, now home to USI Group companies.

2006 saw the acquisition of a prime site for redevelopment, Zongshu Village located nearby the South Railway Station in Chengdu. Followed in 2009 with the acquisition of a prime 60,000 square meter plot on the People’s Road South, and has been created with an investment in excess of RMB 6 billion. Both sites are currently under construction with the later being the highly anticipated, TFC, a high-end mixed-use project. In addition to projects in Sichuan, the group is active across a range of industries in Guangdong, Shanghai, Hainan, Nanjing and Yinchuan.

USI group will continue to seek out and explore new business opportunities in the future, particularly those brought about by the Belt and Road initiative in South West China.

Corporate Responsibility

1. In 2005, through the China Environmental Protection Foundation, the Group donated RMB 9.946 million to the Aba Prefecture Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture Government of Sichuan Province to strengthen and improve the administrative law enforcement work of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture Government and to carry out ecological environment and resource protection work. .

2. In 2005, the Group donated RMB 1.054 million to jointly establish a “Green Fundraising” environmental protection publicity fund with the China Environmental Protection Foundation to promote, guide and enhance the environmental awareness of the public and actively participate in the protection of the environment.

3. In 2008, during the Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan Province, under the circumstances of the aftershocks, the employees of the Group’s power station repaired the power generation facilities and restored the power supply for the victims of the county. It became the first power station to restore power supply after the disaster. In the same year, donated 200,000 yuan to the Jianyang government for post-disaster reconstruction.